My project was born from the desire to create a solo performance show about the issues of migration, exodus and identity. 

Whether in the USA or in France, these questions of migration and identity saturate the media and political space, and yet we don’t really discuss about them. 

The goal of this show is to invite the audience to introspect: to question their own migration, to open the reflection by entering the individual scale.Starting from my experience as a contemporary music performer, I wish to expand myself more and develop a multidisciplinary one-woman show. I would like to propose a seule en scène where my flutes would be confronted with other sounds, electronic, recorded; with my voice sometimes and those of other people. In my initial idea, I want to create an evening length show, a sound performance that questions the audience on these issues.

Pieces on stage

Voice piece for soprano and wish tree at MoMA by Y. Ono

Ìtaca by W. Terrazas

Piece by A. De Boysson

Ellis Island by G. Perec

Mnemosyne by B. Ferneyhough 

The Odyssey by Homère

The Hill We Climb by A. Gorman 

One Art by E. Bishop